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All Your Vanlife Dating Questions Answered

What’s in Today’s Episode

Laurén sits down with her good friend Jenny to have a frank conversation about dating when you live in a van. They discuss how to use dating apps, ways to stay safe, dating other nomads, and more.

*Jenny and Laurén discuss dating in heterosexual relationships as cisgender women

“I’ve had no scary instances on the road dating… I’ve had no bad encounters at all. I’ve had plenty of dates not work out well but no terrifying encounters”

What Laurén and Jenny Chat About

  • The logistics of using a dating app when you live in a van

  • Why tinder is her preferred vanlife dating app

  • Dating nomads vs. non-nomads

  • How to make space for yourself once you start dating

  • Challenges when dating on the road

  • Sharing a tiny space with a partner

“I do love being able to just immerse myself in somebody … but I also think that I can get so caught up in ‘let’s spend every second together for these couple weeks’ that I’m not at my best because I’m not doing the things I would do alone, I’ve lost all of my routines…”


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