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Vanlife Planning: Choosing the Perfect Rig with Anna La Mare

In today's episode...

Join Chris in a conversation with musician Anna La Mare. They discuss Anna's transition into full-on van life, focusing on selecting the ideal rig to suit her evolving needs. Anna candidly shares her non-negotiables, financial considerations, and various factors influencing her upcoming decision. Chris imparts valuable tips on navigating the challenges of van life, offers advice on climate control, recommends high-quality electrical components, and more. Whether you're a dedicated van life enthusiast or contemplating the start of your tiny home journey, don't miss out on these insights and practical recommendations. Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Chris & Anna Discuss:

  • Anna's life on the road so far

  • What Anna is looking for in a new home on wheels

  • Mortgages for vehicles, extended warranties and build quality

  • Climate control in a rig

  • Recommended electronic components for solar setups

  • Places for Anna to start in her search for a rig

  • The give & takes when finding a home on wheels

Check out Anna's journey & music:

Instagram: @annalamaremusic

YouTube: @annalamare

SoundCloud: @annalamare

Facebook: @annalamaremusic

Listen to Anna's music on SoundCloud:

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