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Life is Wonderful in a Tiny Home on Wheels

Avery and Destiny DIY renovated their skoolie and now travel around in The Wonder Bus. When they started their renovations, Destiny had never even touched a tool, but she jumped right in and learned hands-on!

Their huge living room area houses two couches, built from scratch with tons of storage. They even handcrafted a wood insert to convert the couches into a bed for guests or a dining table that can seat six.

Hardwoods Give a Skoolie a Homey Feel

The flooring is hardwood from a local Kansas dealer, Elderslie Farms. All the hardwoods in the bus were purchased from this dealer, including the walnut couch arms, walnut cap over the backsplash, and their amazing countertop with a mixture of walnut, oak, and Osage orange that gives the kitchen a warm cozy vibe.

The stove in the kitchen was repurposed from an old 1972 RV found on Facebook. Avery and Destiny love the openness of the bus so they built an angle shelf to display some of Destiny’s plants and still keep the open feeling. The kitchen table folds down against the wall to continue the sense of openness and maximize the beautiful views from the huge kitchen windows.

Design What You Love, Even If You Have to Give Up Space

Destiny crafted Macrame curtains as a divider for the bedroom, which houses their full-size tempurpedic mattress. Shelving at the foot of the bed and storage underneath hold their clothing, as well as utility items. They made a back wall to divide the bedroom from the ‘garage’ from reclaimed cabinets.

Innovation Makes Small Spaces Big

The light airy bathroom is tiled in white with textured rock for contrast. A beautiful glass door on barn door slides is one of a kind! Avery even raised the roof above the shower area and put in a skylight that opens so they can ‘shower in the outdoors!’

They heat their tiny home on wheels with a cute tiny wood fire stove with a heat activated fan that sits on a handcrafted cabinet with a quartz top. The wood stove adds to the bright, beautiful, airy open space giving it a homey zen vibe.

Outside the bus, the garage area is separate and has a wheelchair lift for their moped. They also store their hiking gear, ladder, and skateboards back there. The 14-foot deck atop the bus is a beautiful place to hang out!

Hard Work Pays Off When Building Your Tiny Home

Destiny shared,

“There were several days that I thought there’s no way the bus is going to get finished, we have so much to do, we don’t know what we’re doing!”

But they completed their bus and are so happy with how it turned out.

To see their full tour-

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