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Young Professional Enjoying Financial Security Through Tiny Living

Jesse is a mental health therapist in Kansas City who is lucky enough to live and work from her cozy tiny home. She chose a tiny home because, even though she qualified for a large mortgage, “I couldn’t stomach it!” She purchased her home from a family with children and loved the great vibes and brightness that it offered. As a bonus, she will be able to pay it off in four years.

“I love the idea of small homes with a lot of love!”

Make Room for What you Love

In Jesse’s colorful ‘fiesta’ kitchen, there is a huge country sink that is the envy of her neighbors in her tiny community. Since small spaces require some sacrifices, she gave up her dishwasher to make space for her treasured record player and records. She uses propane for the water heater and gas stove and gets frustrated sometimes when she’s trying to shower or cook and the propane runs out. Her huge windows let in tons of light and have large window sills that can be used as shelves. Her small table collapses to save space, and a hand-me-down chair brings back memories of her childhood!

In the small bathroom, there is a must-see handcrafted soaking tub, a small sink, and a flush toilet – an essential for Jesse.

Tiny Homes Can be Great Work Spaces

Jesse works with both adults and children and plans to start her own business and work doing telehealth and consultation from her tiny home. She currently travels to preschools and daycares and works with teachers, parents, and directors on “teaching kids and adults how to manage big emotions!” She also currently works both in person and remotely, providing mental health services.

She has tons of under-stair storage, both in pull-out drawers and cubbies. She uses the stairs of the second loft as a standing desk when she is working from home. The master loft space allows her to stand fully and has a queen-sized bed. She has room for a nightstand and made room for her antique dresser.

“Moving into a tiny house is like a really great excuse to downsize and just kind of embrace minimalism!”

Minimalism Can Be Freeing

Jesse’s second loft is a fun space with a colorful, fun twin-sized bed and tons of under-step cubby storage. It’s a cozy, comfortable space with board games, toys for visiting children, and a calm, peaceful atmosphere. She even uses it for meditation.

All in all, she absolutely loves everything about her tiny home. Jesse plans to live here and save for a house in the future if she does decide to move. She loves living away from the city though, so plans to stay in areas with lots of greenery and hominess.

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