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Architect Left NYC to Travel in her Vintage RV

Ange was living in an apartment in Brooklyn and working a pretty corporate job as an architect. Fed up with the 9-5 lifestyle, she longed to spend more time traveling. Ange wanted a smaller vehicle so she could drive around and see as much of the country as she could. Though she had never been in an RV, van conversion, or skoolie before she instantly fell in love when she saw her vintage 1986 Toyota Dolphin. A previous owner had remodeled the RV to remove 4 feet of space from the back and strip it of all its RV components. Ange made additional changes to the interior of the space including the addition of a kitchen, a standing desk, a bay window bench seat, and a completely rebuilt bed loft which had suffered extensive water damage. Check out her full tiny home tour below.

One of the biggest adjustments for Ange has been learning to sit still and do nothing. It took a while to learn to be comfortable hanging out without internet or other distractions.

A leak in the front bed loft window caused water damage to all the wood in the space. Ange stripped it down all the way to the fiberglass, removed the window, and resealed all the seams on the RV to prevent future leaks. When she rebuilt the bed, she included a secret pass through into the cab for safety.

You can keep with Ange and all of her adventures at her Instagram @adventure_bigblue, her website, and her podcast!


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