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Beautiful Skoolie Art Studio with a Spa Vibe: Tiny Living Luxury

Nikki Mays is a web designer and artist who customized her skoolie to meet her work and personal needs on the road. From her luxurious oversized bathtub in the living room to the live edge acacia wood countertops, this skoolie is beauty in motion!

Being a web designer and artist by trade, Nikki requires space to work on her art, both digital and physical. She was able to downsize her workspace with a small IKEA desk that holds all her digital work needs and an ottoman/desk chair with tons of storage that tucks away under the desk. Her workspace is “working beautifully!”

Make Room for Things that Make Your Heart Smile

The open shelving running the length of the bus gives a sense of spaciousness, as well as allows her to see all the things she loves. Her colorful curtains are made from old saris and, from the outside at night, they make the windows look amazingly “like stained glass!”

Her pride and joy, the most beloved item on her bus, is her HUGE, acrylic, wool-insulated, soaking tub that holds a place of honor in her living room. She gave up some living space for the luxury of enjoying the special, spa-like atmosphere of warm, relaxing, indulgent time in her tub.

Nikki’s kitchen touts a huge farmhouse sink, pantry space galore, and a pull-out drawer with built-in dog bowls. The exquisite live edge acacia countertops are designed to convert from kitchen to studio space when she needs it for her encaustic (hot wax!) painting. The bathroom has a composting toilet and tons of storage space, as well as a cool farmhouse sliding door that doubles as a pantry cover when open.

Research to Determine if Tiny Living is for You

“I have always loved to travel . . . I like to go somewhere for a month, or two, or three!”

Her tiny dreams began ten years ago when she saw a bus beside the road. She began researching and watching videos, rented a skoolie on Airbnb, and she was hooked!

Her step-up bedroom has a queen-sized bed, with under-bed storage for her 7-foot wallpapering table that doubles as a workspace or display table for her artwork. Her 200-gallon water tank is also under the bed. Behind the bus, Nikki has a small deck with room for a generator and storing her bike, as well as a sitting area and underdeck storage for her batteries.

Nikki loves how her bus turned out and is looking forward to getting on the road full-time, meeting new people, and selling her art! Her social media and a link to her full tour are below! Check her out!

Nikki’s Social Media:

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