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The Highs and Lows of Sailing Life - Boat Renovation During a Pandemic

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Marissa and Chris Neely sit down with Allison to discuss what it is like living full time on their 1979 Cheoy Lee 41 sailboat. They discuss the process of buying and renovating their boat, common misconceptions about boatlife, and how to survive living in a tiny space with your partner.

What Marissa, Chris, and Ally Chat About:

  • Chris’ family history of living on boats

  • Spending three years working on getting their boat back into sailing shape

  • Reasons why people are held back from actually cruising in their boat sometimes

  • Misconceptions about boatlife as a completely carefree lifestyle

  • Learning to live by the weather and letting go of plans

  • How they found their boat and purchased it; what it cost

  • Renovation cost and timeline

  • Living in the boat out of the water during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic

  • Skipping most of the downsizing process because they already lived in a tiny apartment (350 square feet!)

  • The sailing community and making friends; entertaining on the boat

  • Communication and living with a partner on a sailboat (or in any tiny space)

  • If they would ever get a bigger boat

  • Where they are heading next

  • Quitting her land-based job, cutting ties with “land life”

  • Sailing families; having kids on a boat vs. on land

  • How tiny living changes your mindset

“We see that a lot in the sailing community and the tiny community in general where there is a significant burn out rate, right? So they are in love with the idea of tiny living and are like ‘it seems so easy to live this way and so simple’ but that’s really half of what you see on social media. You don’t always see the hard times.” -Marissa

“Hopefully this sings true to most of the tiny home living- just go as small as possible if you are on a budget because the smaller you can go the cheaper it’s going to be and the faster you are going to go sailing.” -Chris

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