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Content Creation & Social Media Hacks with our Nomadic Instagram Wizard Amanda

In today's episode...

join host Ayana as she chats with Amanda, a fellow nomad and the creative genius behind Tiny Home Tours' Instagram presence. Dive deep into Amanda's adventurous journey of bus life, exploring her insights on living in a tiny home on wheels and navigating social media on the go.

Throughout the conversation, Amanda shares invaluable wisdom on leveraging social media, offering advice on content creation, forging brand partnerships, and finding equilibrium between work and life on the road. Whether you're an aspiring content creator or simply intrigued by the idea of minimalist living, Amanda's experiences and tips serve as an inspiring roadmap for carving out your own path in the digital age.

Amanda & Ayana Discuss:

  • Amanda & her husband Owen's transition into bus life

  • The beginnings of their social media account

  • How Amanda navigates social media full time while living on the road

  • The work life balance required when you're a content creator

  • Tips & tricks for content creation and monetizing an account

  • The algorithm--how consistency is THE key

  • The wackiest thing Amanda has experienced on Instagram

Follow Amanda on Instagram at:


Tour Amanda & Owen's first bus Indigo:


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