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Box Truck Turned Tiny Home Facilitates Experiences over Things Lifestyle

Joe enjoys traveling the country in his 2016 Isuzu flatbed with a custom box that he calls his tiny home! He first began this nomadic lifestyle when he was getting divorced and at a crossroads in his life. He wasn’t ready to buy land, didn’t want to live with roommates during the Covid-19 pandemic, and wanted to make sure to maintain a close relationship with his children. His tiny home on wheels was the answer to all of these concerns!! This rig has been a catalyst to an even closer relationship with his children, as he can tag along on their rock climbing and kayaking adventures.

Tiny Homes Serve Many Purposes

In Joe’s galley-style kitchen, he has a small Dometic sink, ample cabinet space with locking latch doors, and a two-burner induction cooktop that utilizes very little electricity. The whole rig runs on electricity, so efficiency is a must!

Joe’s closet unit has a section for hanging clothing and shelves, as well as a shelf below for his cool Engel fridge that is not only environmentally friendly but also energy efficient, both of which are important to Joe.

Midway down the box truck, he has a section that he calls his “living room, den, chill zone” with a huge 6x3-foot window he can gaze out of and relax after a long day! Across from this area is his ‘tower of power” that controls all of his electrical systems. He’s proud that he has enough battery storage that he has never hooked to shore power!

Electrical Storage Will Ensure Off Grid Capabilities

Joe’s bedroom has a comfy memory foam mattress, storage on both sides, windows for cross ventilation, and a huge skylight that opens. Joe rarely uses the bathroom, shower, or toilet unless he has to. He prefers to use it for extra storage. There is only one entrance to the tiny home, so when it’s locked up, there’s no way of knowing the treasures inside!

Minimalism Promotes Enjoyment of Non-Material Things

People often ask Joe what it’s like living out of this type of vehicle.

“You can literally be in a little camp or tiny home and achieve and experience great things that you never thought were possible. These things aren’t necessarily things, they are experiences and I’m a huge fan of experiences over actual tangible things! Your eyes and your feet, your feet take you to great places your eyes can feast on!”

Joe is super happy with his tiny home on wheels and wouldn’t change a thing! He gets to travel, spend time with his kids, and experience new things at will. Who could ask for more!?

Watch the full tour here:

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