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Elegant Tiny Home on Wheels: Tiny Touches Make all the Difference

Cassie and Richard built their own tiny home on a 30 x 8 foot tri-axle trailer from Iron Eagle Trailers, in Portland, Oregon. They made the decision to go tiny because, “Going tiny is efficient in a lot of ways and one of those things is financially, it allows us to save and not have to pay for too much space that we don’t need!’ They are saving tons of money by living simply.

Some of Cassie’s must-haves were the built-in propane fireplace, bluetooth speakers, and a bookshelf unit that houses their books. Richard even built a little nook for their two Chihuahuas! They have a custom sofa with storage, as well as a remote work space for Cassie made from beautiful walnut to match the walnut decor found throughout the tiny home.

Color Choices Can Makes Tiny Spaces Elegant

The teal kitchen with massive cabinets and black walnut countertops give this tiny house tons of ‘character,’ as well as storage! The multitude of house plants in front of the transom window give the room a fresh, outdoorsy feel! Cassie does have to stand on the countertop to water them, but it’s worth it!

Decor Adds to Satisfaction in Small Spaces

The black walnut theme continues in the floating dining table, stair tops, and a custom made arm for the couch, lending the tiny house a sense of elegance. The under cabinet lighting in the kitchen further sets the tone of peace and tranquility and adds to the ambiance. The stove is propane so that they can use it off-grid! The pocket doors between the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom give some privacy while still taking up little space, important in tiny home living.

Cassie and Richard love their blue pine trim and accent wall in both of their lofts. They also have tongue and groove pine walls and remote control lighting. The outside of their tiny home on wheels is done in the same teal as the inside, but with cedar shake wainscoting that they designed themselves, giving the outside a fun, farm feel!

Maximize Space for What You Love

The bathroom is a must-see with its exquisite Mexican copper sink that Cassie and Richard found on Craigslist. The home crafted copper shower curtain holder is also a work of art. The huge 5 x 8 foot shower allows plenty of space for cleaning up in comfort!

The master loft is a comfy place that also gives an outdoorsy vibe. Huge windows and a to-die-for 4 foot skylight give beautiful views of the stars and the full moon passing over at night, plus provide extra head space.

‘In life you just have to go for it sometimes and that’s the gamble that we did and we’re really happy we did it!’

Richard was so inspired by their tiny home experience that he now works as a tiny home builder full-time!

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