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She Left California to Live in a Texas Tiny House Village

Tyshae had the dream to live tiny for a very long time. For many of us, we know what we want to do as children, but the world changes our perspective and we give up on the dream. For Tyshae, this was not happening. After leaving California she moved into this awesome Texas tiny home village and lives in one of the best tiny homes we have ever seen. Check out her full tour below.

Tyshae started dreaming about going tiny when she was 12 years old, her home builder even used her childhood journal as inspiration to build her dream tiny house!

Her house is filled with natural light and soft light-colored wood.

Tyshae decorates her home with art her friends have made, positive affirmations that speak to her, and lots of air purifying plants.

As a personal trainer, life coach, massage therapist, Tyshae has a lot of space in her home dedicated to physical fitness and wellbeing. She even has one her lofts set up as a dedicated meditation space.

Her bedroom has a big skylight over her bed to watch the sunrise and sunset and has a little balcony right off her bed where she does yoga every morning and invites her neighbors over for tea or coffee.

To see more of Tyshae's tiny house and her wellness lifestyle, head to her instagram here

Check out her services as a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist and more here:


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