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From Backpacking to Buslife with Karson & Brendon

In today's episode...

Ayana chats with Karson and Brendon, two buslifers who have called the road home for over a year. They discuss their adventurous journey from living out of backpacks to building their very own home on wheels. Listen as they share the realities of living on the road, how they fund their adventures, and their transformation from DIY newbies to seasoned bus builders! Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Ayana, Karson & Brendon Discuss:

  • How Karson & Brendon took the leap from conventional living to international travel

  • Why they chose buslife

  • What building a bus with zero experience was like

  • How life on the road has treated them over the past year

  • The many ways they have made long term travel financially possible

  • Advice for folks interested in living on the road

Follow Brendon & Karson:

Instagram: @theflywayeffect

Tour Karson & Brendon's home on wheels:


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