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From Nomadic Dreams to Real Life Adventure with Sahil & Maggie

In today's episode...

Join Ayana as she chats with Sahil & Maggie, an adventurous couple embracing the nomadic lifestyle in their self-converted shuttle bus. Delve into their inspiring journey from nomadic beginnings to mastering the art of DIY conversion. Discover how the pandemic became a catalyst for their transition to bus life and explore the highs and lows of their road-bound adventures. Tune in for insightful stories and valuable lessons from life on the move.

Ayana, Sahil & Maggie Discuss:

  • How Sahil & Maggie got into bus life

  • The DIY bus build process

  • Cost of their initial build, rig, and how much they've spent on upgrades/mechanical fixes

  • Highs, lows and growing edges of being on the road

  • The necessary upgrades and added creature comforts Sahil & Maggie made after years on the road

  • Advice for those interested in getting on the road

To follow Sahil & Maggie's journey check out their social media:

Instagram @appa_thebus

Tour Sahil & Maggie's home on wheels:

Check out their YouTube channel:

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