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From the Marines to Life on the Road

What’s in Today’s Episode

Jessica, a Marine Corps veteran, travels full time in her skoolie with her two children, two dogs, a cat, and a few leopard geckos! She reflects on four years on the road, discusses how her goals have changed, shares a bit about navigating shared custody, and tells us about her future plans.

What Jessica and Chris Chat About:

  • What it has been liking living on the road for four years

  • The community and making friends

  • Developing confidence through the bus build process

  • Jessica’s background in the military and her healing journey

  • Her dream of seeing bison roaming in the wild

  • Learning to sit still a little bit longer, finding joy in simple moments

  • How to co-parent and navigated shared custody on the road

  • Meeting other solo moms and learning to community parent

  • Her plans of going up to Alaska in the bus

  • Advice for future nomads

“The first six months or maybe even a year is sometimes, like really shitty, and there’s a lot and you’re learning a lot about yourself, a lot about the community, about your rig and everything and it made it a lot easier of a transition because the community is so open and honest and willing to help when I had questions…”

“You know that old homage ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ we’ve definitely taken that to heart…no matter if you have two parents in the bus or just one or a couple of kids or no kids, you’re able to community raise your kids…which is, to me, life altering for my children because not a lot of kids get to experience the things that they do…”

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