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Lessons from the road with JonLuc & Jackie

In today's episode...

Tiny Home Tours host Ayana sits down to chat with nomad artists JonLuc & Jackie. JonLuc is a photographer/videographer and the lead media strategist for Tiny Home Tours. His wife Jackie is an incredible potter and artist. Listen as they share life lessons learned from taking the leap to live tiny.

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible. Dream and the world will not grind you under it will lift you up...” - Terrence McKenna

Ayana, JonLuc & Jackie discuss:

  • What drove JonLuc & Jackie to go tiny

  • Renovating a 1993 Toyota Warrior

  • Life lessons learned from the road

  • Individualism vs. community

  • The opportunity for introspection on the road

  • Creating space in a relationship while living tiny

  • Making money on the road as artists

  • Advice for those looking to get on the road

To follow JonLuc & Jackie find them on Instagram @jonlucandjackie. To check out Jackie's pottery visit @potsbyjackie. To peep JonLuc's photography visit @jonlucharris. Click below to watch the tour of JonLuc & Jackie's rig Eustice.

Check out JonLuc & Jackie's YouTube channel:

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