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Making Life on the Road Financially Sustainable: Hilary’s Vanlife Story

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What’s in Today’s Episode:

The theme of today’s episode is “put yourself out there a lot” and good things will come your way! Hilary and Ally sit down to chat about how Hilary was able to set herself up with a strong financial safety net before jumping out on the road. They discuss the realities of vanlife, what she would change about her DIY build, and what it’s like living and working on the road as a solo female vanlifer.

“Sometimes really not thinking about it is better and what helped me take the leap was…realizing all the times throughout life that I had second guessed myself, or you know, suffered from imposter syndrome or just doubted myself…it never panned out the way it was going to…it was amazing!”

What Hillary and Ally Chat About:

  • Hilary’s journey to vanlife

  • How she created her safety net

  • Quitting her full-time corporate job and transitioning to freelance

  • The realities of vanlife and some of the challenges of working remotely

  • Downsizing into the van

  • What it is like being a solo female vanlifer; safety

  • Building out her van; what she would change

“I think any vanlifer, no matter how simple or luxurious your build is, you’re going to run into things that inconvenience you.”

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