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Making Vanlife Wheelchair Accessible with Lisa Franks

In today's episode...

Ayana sits down with Lisa Franks, a trailblazer in multiple worlds! Not only is Lisa a Paralympian, but she's also a seasoned van-dweller. Dive into Lisa's journey as she shares her unique experiences and the obstacles she has overcome to make van life wheelchair-friendly. She offers valuable advice for individuals with disabilities contemplating van life and gives us the rundown on the various accessibility features incorporated into her van. Listen in to gain access to insights and helpful resources for those looking to live nomadically with limited mobility.

Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Ayana & Lisa Discuss:

  • Lisa's unexpected lunch date with royalty!

  • How Lisa got into nomadic living

  • Van design with accessibility in mind

  • Accessibility resources for chores on the road

  • Companies and products Lisa recommends when building an accessible van

  • Advice for those with mobility challenges looking to live nomadically

Recommended Resources:

  • Products Lisa has used to make nomad life more accessible:

    • Super Arm Wheelchair Lift

    • Freewheel

  • Check for Automotive Mobility Assistance Programs--many car manufacturers will offer a rebate for installing adaptive equipment to a purchased vehicle.

  • Apps to help find accessible trails/water fills/dumpsters etc.

  • Grant opportunities to help with additional cost of adaptive equipment

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