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Military Family of Three Call a Toy Hauler RV Home

Amber, Jaylyn, their 2-year-old daughter, Journey, and Louie the dog have been living in their huge, Heartland Torque RV/Toy Hauler for two years and love it. Tons of upgrades have really made this their home. Amber does all the renovations and Jaylyn does the cooking, which makes him happy, because the beautiful fully decked-out kitchen has everything needed to make tasty family meals, even an air fryer! Jaylyn’s main kitchen must-have is his Ninja coffee maker, as he loves his cold brew!

Minimalism Can Be Artistic and Practical

The family’s foray into minimalism has been a journey! "What made me want to live unconventionally was definitely my wife!" He and Amber decided that they could downsize their belongings, purchase an RV, save money, and be investing in something that they would eventually own. Being able to bring it along on the road was a bonus! According to Amber,

"Being able to live more minimal and have less things, I guess made me feel more free financially, and spiritually, as well!"

To sustain this lifestyle, Amber works remotely in the financial industry and Jaylyn is in the military.

Amber is quite the handywoman and has DIYed many things in the RV. She even converted a closet into Journey’s one-of-a-kind nursery with bohemian vibes and hand crafted decorations!

RV Renovations Can Make Spaces More Homey

Other renovations include an amazing bedroom setup in the back with beautiful decor and glass patio doors that can be opened for a relaxing ocean view and access to the amazing outside space where the family loves to spend time together. An elevator bed tucks away during the day for even more room. It is incredible what a little remodeling can do, even in an RV.

There is a generator for off-grid living with lots of outside storage.

Both Amber and Jaylyn share that it’s important to make your space your own. Jaylyn’s final bit of advice is, ‘Always be ready for the unknown!’ Things are going to pop up, but patience and perseverance will get you through.

This tiny lifestyle has brought their family closer and shown them that they truly don’t need all those ‘things!’ They love this lifestyle and plan to begin traveling with their RV as soon as Jaylyn gets out of the military and they are no longer tied to a certain area. There is so much to see in the tour video! They have truly made this RV their own!

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