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The Non-Remote Work Life

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

What’s in Today’s Episode:

In today's episode Chris sits down with fellow YouTuber James Wheelock of Wanderlust Estate to talk about working physical (non-computer based) jobs on the road. James has made the rounds and has acquired knowledge of the ins & outs of temp recruitment work, as well as working with apps like Door Dash, to fund his life of traveling full-time in his class A RV.

What James and Chris Chat About:

  • Jame’s history with living on the road: The rigs; Single & Coupled!

  • James has been to 45 states and has found work in every one of them.

  • What was the catalyst that got James started with doing physical jobs on the road instead of remote work online?

  • What is a ‘work camp’ type of job?

  • What was working for Amazon like while also being on the road?

  • James’ top tips for networking to find more temp work on the road.

  • Jame’s journey from sugar beet harvest work, to working in Amazon warehouses, working as an RV campground manager to working with People Ready temp recruitment agency to his current position now…making $300 a day!

  • The three temp work recruiters that James works with the most.

  • The tax advantages of 1099 contractor work as a full-time nomad.

  • James’ advice if you’re looking to take on physical jobs out on the road.

“I was really nervous. I was kinda scared about it… I’ve been shocked. As long as you’re willing to work by yourself and make contacts, it’s really actually easy to fund yourself out on the road.”

“Really, it’s just sticking to your guns and applying yourself. And a lot of times you’d be surprised. It’s not like you have to kill yourself to really build that good reputation.”

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