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How to Renovate a Vintage RV, Airstream, or Trailer

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Shaundra and Jonathan Sanborn own a company dedicated to renovating vintage Airstream trailers, The Lot. After converting a used RV for themselves, they fell in love with the process of creating tiny homes on wheels. When a job shift came in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, they took the leap and made their passion their full-time career.

“As long as you’ve got good bones, minimal water damage, and all that good stuff…you’re going in the right direction.”

What Shaundra, Jonathan, and Ally Chat About:

  • The first RV they renovated

  • How 2020 pushed them into pursuing their dreams and quitting corporate America

  • Advice on what to look for when purchasing a used or vintage RV

  • Vintage RV styles

  • Ways to bring your RV into the 21st century

  • The process of planning and starting your vintage RV conversion (start from the top down!)

  • What to do yourself, what to hire a professional for

  • Big ticket items during the renovation; places to save money

  • Things to keep in mind to be successful in your vintage RV or Airstream renovation

“There is no reason to replace something if you don’t need to. You can always use the existing stuff and just build onto it or fix it.”

“I always look at- how can I open this up? How can I make this more functional? And is there storage that I can get rid of that is not going to be useful?”

To see more of The Lot's gorgeous renovations, purchase one of their conversions, or speak with them about a consultation contact them below:


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