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Rolling with Resilience: Krissy's Nomadic Journey

In today's episode...

Ayana sits down with Krissy, a seasoned nomad boasting 3.5 years on the road. Krissy's introduction to the nomadic lifestyle unfolded during her military service, fueled by a yearning for new horizons and increased travel. The allure of bus life captured Krissy's imagination, leading her to embark on the challenging journey of independently converting a bus without any prior experience. The conversation takes a poignant turn as Krissy candidly recounts the unexpected loss of her dream home to a devastating fire last year. Tune in to explore how she has navigated the aftermath of the fire and the valuable lessons gleaned from this tragic experience.

Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Ayana & Krissy Discuss:

  • How Krissy got hooked on nomad life

  • Learning how to build a home on wheels with no experience on her own!

  • The evolution from part-time to full-time nomadic living

  • Building and rebuilding her first rig

  • Traveling as a solo female

  • Losing her ideal build in an unexpected fire

  • Moving from bus to truck camper

  • What's next for Krissy

  • Serial entrepreneurship and seasonal work on the road

  • Advice for those looking to go tiny

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