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Lessons Learned from Six Years on the Road: Lee’s Nomadic Journey

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Tired of living life paycheck to paycheck, Lee purchased his first home on wheels for $1,500 six years ago and hasn’t looked back since! Lee discusses how vanlife has evolved from a fringe lifestyle to a popular alternative living option, the evolution of the rigs he has lived in, and shares knowledge from his six years on the road.

“Most of the things people are worried about, it’s like stuff that you always figure out…at the beginning I didn’t even know how I was going to cook a meal…”

What Lee and Chris Chat About:

  • How Lee first moved into a van

  • The evolution of vanlife since he began living in a rig

  • How he finds parking when he is in a city, stealth camping

  • The popularity of vanlife

  • Living in a van in different cities while working traditional office jobs

  • The different vans (and ambulance!) he has lived in

  • Being single in a van; living with a partner in a van

  • Deciding to buy a new van vs. a used one

  • Dealing with mechanical issues on the road

  • Price rise for vans and skoolies

  • The creation of his website and trying to help others live this lifestyle

  • #vanlife versus the vanlife reality (“vanning ain’t no joke”)

“This is the first rig [I’ve had] that I can actually stand-up in. After five years of not standing up, that is such a luxury, it is so much easier to cook and stuff.”

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