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Single Solo Female Camper Van Travel – Advice & Insights

What’s in Today’s Episode

Ellie is a strong independent person that loves to travel. She worked and saved for 5 years to make her vanlife dream come true and she is taking advantage of every minute of it. Ellie is proof that once you set your mind to something, you can pull it off with the right mindset and determination. Chris and Ellie take a deep dive into what it is like to be a female traveler alone on the road.

“We are taught to be so fearful… but overall, in reality, people are living their own life and they’re really not that concerned with you”

What Chris and Ellie Chat About:

  • How you can stay safe as a solo female traveler

  • How to pick safe places to stay overnight

  • The differences between traveling alone as a man or a woman

  • Dating on the road

  • Building her own van

  • Having a cat on the road

  • Cell service on the road

  • COVID-19 pandemic and their experiences

Dating, in general, is tough, dating in a van is almost more difficult… I wouldn’t get in your van and expect that you’re going to go out and meet a bunch of people that you are going to want to date”

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