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Slowing Down Vanlife: Insights to Living in a Van Without Travel

What’s in Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode, Laurén chats with her friend Bridget about why she decided to live in a camper van but not travel full time. They discuss stationary vanlife, remote work, making friends, dating, forming routines, and how to start paying off debt.

“That was just a really great way for me to get started in vanlife, while not having to change literally everything about my life in one fell swoop. I can keep my same job that I’m comfortable in and good at, with people I know, and I can get used to working and living on the road in this completely different way.”

What Laurén and Bridget chat about:

  • How Bridget discovered vanlife and remote work

  • How she makes money to sustain life on the road

  • Transitioning your job into a remote position

  • Her advice as an HR professional

  • Living in van but not traveling

  • How she lives in a van in one place

  • How she makes friends and meets people on the road

  • Dating in a van

  • Vanlife safety and the dreaded “knock”

  • Forming a routine on the road

  • Taking steps towards debt freedom

“When I was building the van, my overarching purpose was to travel slowly and eventually find a place that I loved enough, that fit my needs enough, that I wanted to settle there.”

“That’s not something I would normally do, like I said I’m an introvert, that’s not something I would do- strike up conversations with strangers. But there is something about striking out on the road, on your own, that helps you be more open to starting conversations like that.”

You can contact Bridget at her instagram:


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