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Tiny Home Allows Owner to Live Comfortably in Expensive Area

Jacob lives in a 200-square-foot tiny home in Island Cove, a tiny home community in Durango, Colorado. He worked for Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for three years and built over 20 houses professionally, so he was able to easily design and build his tiny home on his own.

"I’ve always wanted kind of my own space, it’s really cool to live in something that you’ve built and worked so hard to create!”

Large Windows Make Tinies Spacious

The living room was designed with huge windows and tall ceilings, allowing in tons of light and really opening up the space. French doors open out onto an amazing, expansive deck that Jacob is able to use seven months out of the year. This space was built as an extension of the indoor space, and he spends much of his time out there.

The kitchen has a nice sized fridge, butcher block countertops, an under-mount sink for easy cleanup, open shelving, and a five-burner stove top for having people over for BBQs! He even put in a lazy susan to utilize all the corner storage space.

“We live in an incredibly expensive place, and living tiny has allowed me to not only focus on my career but also focus on the cool things this area has to offer, and always having this home base to come back to has been really special.”

Living Tiny Can Allow for Lifestyle Upgrades

Jacob designed a minimalist bathroom space with stainless steel shower walls, a flush toilet, open shelving, and a window for ventilation. To give it an even more eclectic feel, he used pipe for the shower plumbing in a steampunk style.

When building his sleeping loft, he went with stairs rather than a ladder so he could utilize the under-stair spaces for storage. He has a queen size bed and ample headroom, storage with dimmable lights, and two huge windows to catch cross breezes and bring the outdoors inside.

Outside Areas can Really Improve the Aesthetics of a Home

The outside of Jacob’s tiny home has tons of character with cedar siding and rustic weathered metal wainscoting.

In conclusion, Jacob advises anyone considering going tiny to do tons of research before deciding because it’s not for everyone! He personally loves his tiny home and plans to live here for many years to come, but he also loves that he will be able to recoup his investment when he’s ready to sell and move on.

Watch the full tour here:

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