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Trading In High Paying Corporate Jobs for Nomad Life with J & Eric

In today's episode...

J and Eric Aldape share their transformative journey from working corporate jobs and living in a traditional house to adopting a nomadic lifestyle. They recount their initial leap into nomadism, which took them from 4Runner life to farm work, and finally, a stint with the Peace Corps in West Africa. The culmination of this transition inspired them to build and live full-time out of a bus. They discuss their approach to minimalism, community building, and the importance of personal relationships over material wealth. Listen as they share how they’ve managed to sustain their lifestyle through passion-driven work, or “hobby jobs” as J calls them, rather than traditional careers. The episode offers practical advice for those considering a similar lifestyle shift, emphasizing the value of attending nomad gatherings and embracing slow living.

Eric, J & Ayana Discuss:

  • J & Eric's transition from corporate life to nomadism, spurred by a record player

  • 4Runner life and WWOOFing in California

  • Their time and lessons learned in the Peace Corps in Senegal

  • Minimizing the role that money plays in your life

  • The importance of valuing your time

  • Making ends meet with "hobby jobs"

  • Favorite & least favorite aspects of their bus build

  • Advice for those looking to transition into nomad life

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