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Supporting Life on the Road: Working the Sugar Beet Harvest

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Carrie and Dave sit down with Laurén to discuss vanlife and working on the road. While they do make income from their successful YouTube channel, they began working the sugar beet harvest in 2020 as a way to make quick additional cash. They tell us what the harvest is, how much money you can make, how to get a job, and more! This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make money on the road!

“The kicker is…we worked 23 days last year and we took home $6,400…for us, that’s a lot of money because we can live off $1,000 a month, so that’s six months of travel.”

What Carrie and Dave Chat About:

  • Paying off debt, selling their house, and building out their van

  • Changes to vanlife since the pandemic

  • Finding Wi-Fi on the road

  • Showering, toilets in the van

  • How they make money on the road, what they saved before they started

  • How they started their YouTube channel, how much money they make from it

  • What the sugar beet harvest is

  • What the work is like

  • Accommodations, working the harvest with dogs or children in your rig

  • The community at the beet harvest

  • How you can get a job

“It was really cool because we felt like we already had a connection with the people we were working with because they were already doing the same lifestyle. Some are younger people living in vans like we are, and some were older, retired people living in RVs, but we all had that nomadic thing in common, so it was super easy to make friends.”

Check out Carrie and Dave's video from the harvest last year:

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