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Architecture Student's Gorgeous DIY School Bus Conversion - $10k Build

Caleb is an architecture student with some serious talent. Not only did he build a gorgeous DIY school bus conversion, he did it on a budget! This build cost him only $10,000, including the bus! He did so by utilizing repurposed materials and putting the sweat equity in. There are tons of cleverly repurposed elements including, counter tops made from semi-truck beds that Caleb sanded down and refinished, a rooftop deck made from a utility trailer, and bed, closet, and walls all from furniture he already owned and took apart. Check out the tour of his awesome rig below.

The front of the bus has an incredible “mohawk” cutout in the ceiling that raised the roof for some for extra headroom plus has skylights on the side for natural lighting. The back of the bus includes a back door pallet wall with plants!

Caleb's kitchen is up front to allow for easy grocery unloading. His kitchen includes a convection oven, two burner induction cooktop, air fryer, instant hot water, and built-in wine storage!

The living space portion of Caleb's build features a queen size bed, hammock hooks, a sliding couch to make a small bed for guests, and accordion closet doors with seven feet of hanging space and underneath storage bins for folding clothes and shoes. There is even surround sound speakers wired with Alexa to watch tv or listen to music!

The bus was $3,000 from Facebook marketplace and Kaleb spent another $7,000 on the bus build.

You can follow Caleb on his Instagram at


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