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Living and Traveling in a School Bus in 2020

What’s in Today’s Episode

In today’s episode, Chris sits down with Aaron from Broccoli Bus and discusses what travel is like in 2020. This episode was recorded this past spring. Aaron and his family of 6 live in their 40ft. Bluebird bus, which serves as an amazing home and gives them the ability to see the country. Aaron works full-time from the bus as a way to fund their adventures and they homeschool their 4 children.

“Now… working remote has all these verbs, adjectives, nouns to describe how you can do it. It’s this huge open thing that is way different than it was…”

What Chris and Aaron Chat About

· Being on the road and the COVID-19 pandemic and BLM protests

· The future of remote work and travel

· Road travel on the rise since the pandemic

· Benefits of living on the road versus living in a traditional home

"We can choose to decide how to react to something, but we can’t necessary control what we are reacting to”

Reach out to Aaron via his website or Instagram if you are interested in assistance with your solar and battery setup.


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