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Couple Sells Their 3 Story House & Business To Live Simple In This School Bus Conversion

Mike and Tawny, @sincewewokeup, transitioned from their three-story home into a simpler life in their light and airy school bus conversion. After the 2016 political season and inspired by their first trip abroad, they made dramatic lifestyle shifts by selling most of their belongings, adopting a vegan diet, beginning to homeschool their two children, and moving into their self-built skoolie. Mike and Tawny’s bus is a beautiful example of building a gorgeous home on a budget. They spent a total of $20,000, including the purchase of the bus! See their full tiny home tour below.

Can you believe this bus only cost $5,000?!

The couch folds down and can be used as an additional bed. Mike and Tawny travel part of the year and remain stationary the rest of the time, allowing them to set out decorative items when the bus is not in "travel mode."

This has to be one of the most amazing skoolie bathrooms! Since we filmed Mike and Tawny's video, they shifted their composting toilet and removed their washer/dryer combo to allow space for a small soaking tub. The feather finish concrete and teak flooring is not only beautiful but also protects the space when it is being used as a shower.

For more photos of this incredible DIY school bus conversion, check Mike and Tawny out on Instagram at @sincewewokeup and their website Since We Woke Up.


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