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DIY School Bus with Mobile Recording Studio and More!

José and Cora’s Art We There Yet project is as inspiring as it is ambitious. Their mission is to travel 30,000 miles across North, Central, and South America creating art and music inspired by the people they meet and the landscapes they traverse. Along the way, they’ll take part in community service projects including the creation of custom art murals and art workshops in communities with little to no access to the arts. Their bus fuels their journey and is a beautiful reflection of their creative spirits. Their bus is filled with clever space-saving solutions, a large kitchen, and even has a recording studio! Watch their full skoolie tour video below.

“Be flexible, that way, you’ll enjoy your trip" - José's advice to future nomadic travelers

Cora and José make money on the road through performing music, painting murals, album sales, and stock photo sales. Cora even has a recording studio on her bus! Part of the desire for the recording studio was the ability to make and record music with artists from across the 23 countries they plan to travel to. They have a slide-out keyboard, vocal and instrument mics that tuck into the wall and lots of places for gear storage. The space can also be used as an artist studio as they hope to be able to offer an artist residency program. Artists will be able to live and travel with them for a portion of their journey!

Their kitchen is a home cook’s dream! Cooking at home helps them save money on the road and keeps them healthy. Cora likes to bake so they have a small oven. Cora and José put in a used RV fridge to make sure they had a lot of space to keep fresh foods, it works with propane or electricity. They also have a microwave that they use when they are plugged in.

The bathroom has a beautiful sliding barn door, composting toilet, and a shower with a tankless hot water system. The best part is an amazing view through the fully opening emergency window.

José and Cora's living space in their skoolie build is beyond clever. The living room has multiple setup options including a two-seater dinette and workspace with hidden storage that converts to a twin bed, a big couch (with more storage!) that slides out to make a full-size bed, and lots of space for a party size dining table.

"If you’re waiting for all the money to be in place, for the perfect moment to leave your job, for the perfect moment for everything else in your life to come together, if you’re waiting for every single member of your family to approve and understand what you’re trying to do, if you’re trying to wait for all of those things to be in place, you will never start, and you’ll never get on the road. You just have to begin and trust that you come off that cliff and the wind is going to rise to meet, and it’s amazing how it does. It really does" - Cora

To follow along with Art We There Yet, check out their website and social media!


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