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Saving $12k a Year by Going Tiny- Tiffany the Tiny Home

Tim Davidson's craftsman style tiny home, named “Tiffany” after the famed stained glass of Tiffany Studios, sits prettily on his private 1.5-acre inland peninsula in sunny southwest Florida. At 270 square feet, Tiffany features two sleeping areas, a spacious kitchen, kitty nook, laundry, and even a Japanese soaking tub! Tim’s tiny home is kept company on beautiful Shellmate Island by an octagonal shaped 320 sq ft tiny home which can be rented out on Airbnb. Both tiny homes are equipped to withstand hurricane-force winds, making them perfect for Florida living. Watch the video below to see the full tour of Tiffany the Tiny Home.

Tim has a 9 - 5 job and has used the tiny lifestyle to minimize his expenses.

Beautiful stained glass can be seen throughout the home as well as craftsman touches like the chevron cutouts on the stair banister.

Before coming to her permanent home in Sarasota, Florida, Tiffany the Tiny Home could be frequently seen on the road at tiny house festivals.

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